Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Vacancy

We were full up at the hangar while my niece Danielle and the kids visited for 2 weeks. It was hectic because there was a lot going on at the new house but we managed to squeeze in some fun at the Stockyards, the Zoo, Horse Camp, the park, boating, tubing and swimming. We also stained some doors and cleaned out the sold hangar. They love Uncle Tim - he made toys out of rolling carts and skateboards and played with them in the pool!


 Just waking up...
 Markaus liked to lay in Ty's dog bed.

 Tired after a long day at the zoo.

 Horse Camp!

Faux Stucco

From this:
To this:
To this:

The brick fireplace was painted with shiny white paint...beautiful! Tim hand sketched a design idea. The painters built out the form with drywall and filled the brick joints with mud. Then they a applied a heavy trowel texture to resemble stucco. We will add a wood mantle.

We also had them apply a lighter hand trowel texture to the walls before painting.

Avocados and Olives

That's what one of the painters called our color scheme. Tim wanted a dark green fireplace and I wanted green walls, so we just painted the entire first floor green: ceilings, walls and fireplace. We love it! There is so much natural light that it doesn't seem dark at all.

No Leaks

Our plumber told us about this fiberglass shower pan. The first day they floated the floor and let the cement dry. The next day he fiberglassed the entire floor, curb, bench and up the wall a few inches. He brought rigid pieces of fiberglass and then joined everything with the fabric and resin. They said it is just like building a boat. I thought our whole house smelled like a new motorhome! Next they will tile the shower, and guaranteed, no leaks.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interior Doors

These are not my first choice for interior doors...however after considering if special order doors costing 3X as much would actually enhance my life - I decided that these are perfect!

'Tim' of All Trades

I am amazed at all the things Tim knows how to do. My Dad has always done everything himself and Tim is a lot like him in that respect. Now I'm not sure if that is good....or bad!

When the washer/dryer was in the garage somebody - a genius no doubt - vented the dryer outside right next to the front door. Tim removed the dryer vent and patched the brick. Once the mortar dried you can't tell anything was ever there.

Tim ran the new dryer vent thru the floor and thru the brick on the side of the house.

Much nicer!

Cabinets Installed

These guys worked FAST! First cabinet installed.

 'Legs' for island.

About 3 hours later.

Master bath vanity.